• Disparities in treatment methods, quality of care and cost of procedures.
  • Mismanagement of patient data.
  • Accessibility to your own healthcare records.
  • Difficulty in obtaining a second opinion.
  • Complex procedures for referral to a specialist.
  • Long waiting periods for appointments or procedures.
  • Lack of adequate medical infrastructure
  • Excessive cost of health care and limited access to healthcare loans.
  • Fraud, manipulation and cybercrime.
  • Lack of trust in the healthcare sector.



  • Transparency in data, processes, billing and claims.
  • Consolidation of patient data accessible at your fingertips.
  • You own your data, have instant access to real time and historic medical data.
  • Global access to expertise.
  • Video consultations and fast diagnosis.
  • World class infrastructure readily available.
  • Secured data, certified consultants, quick and safe payment system.
  • Trusted ecosystem which promotes patient data integrity and accountability.