THE TEAM is our secret sauce! We have assembled a very unique team of people and partners. They come from diverse industries and experiences, but with common traits: • Disruptive thinkers and executors • Track record of success • Passion to make global healthcare better Some of our team and partners are named and many more are waiting to join us as we acquire the resources to accelerate our plan. We already have technical development underway in many countries Our founder and CEO Lian Meng is a successful entrepreneurs in his respective fields of internet search, crypto market analytics, and HealthTech respectively. Lian possess the experience and a broad network of experts with extensive resources to launch and build PHC for the globe.

Lian Meng
Founder and CEO and Senior Healthcare Business Consultant
Wei Chin
Blockchain Smart Contract Engineer & Developer, Technology Enthusiast
Lan Peng
Chief Finance Officer & Head of Legal & Compliance
Sheng Hsü
Head of Business Development, Blockchain Healthcare and Government Advisor
Xin Qian Tien
Head of Marketing
Hua Lin
Legal & Compliance Manager
Mei Huang
Bounty Campaign Manager
Zi Tsou
Product Strategy Lead
Sun Hsüeh
Customer Service Manager